What Game Genres are worth trying via your devices? (part 1)

Among all the game genres developed in today’s gaming world, not all of them can be playable via your modern mobile devices. The reason is that some game style is only created for specific devices such as first-person shooters to experience on your consoles with a large screen. However, you can spend a day long in front of the computer screen. How to enjoy the games without staring hours at your PC screen? Here’s your answer. We introduced lots of types of games in touchscreens. 

1. ENDLESS RUNNERS – Is this your favorite? 

A large number of amazing endless runners have been developed for both iOS and Android devices thanks to the excellent performance on touchscreens without a doubt. Let’s take TempleRun 2 as an ideal example of this genre of games. Endless runners offer worldwide gamers the feeling of the real Indiana Jones. The gameplay is concentrated on the straightforward narrative with a player challenging himself, setting a new record. Just keep running, avoiding the obstacles, and gaining the high points. Keep the hope of unlockable elements and multiple achievements. This may be extremely interesting!


Racers or racing games will impress on all other mobile platforms with the fantastic experience brought to the gamers. You may start enjoying them with your PCs and consoles, but you now can end up playing them via your tablets and smartphones. 

3. MATCH-3 RPG – A nice mix-up of Match-3 and RPG

What about the mixture of RPG and Match-3 in just one title? Japanese did it successfully. And, you can see the great combination in Puzzle&Dragon- one of the most popular games in the game industry. With the increasingly growing audiences, this game genre seems to have no serious competitors. Puzzle-games have just acquired brand new features with compelling characters and turn-based battles. 

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