Top 7 largest mobile phone companies in the world


Samsung is an electronics company from Korea. Currently, Samsung has become the largest manufacturer and seller of phones in the world. Samsung has many beautiful phones. The function of Samsung phones is improved. You can buy Samsung phones for $ 100. Samsung has a large market share in the phone manufacturing market.


Apple is a phone company from the United States. iPhone phones using the iOS operating system. iPhone has all the features of a smartphone. In the first quarter of 2015, Apple sold 60.1 million units, accounting for 17.9% of the market share. The price of iPhone phones is quite expensive. When launched, the phone models cost more than $ 500.


Oppo is a Chinese electronics company. Established in 2004, Oppo produces MP3 players, LCD TVs, smartphones. The price of Oppo phones is equivalent to the price of Samsung phones. Because the oppo phone has a clear picture feature, it is loved by women. Besides, buyers also enjoy many manufacturers’ incentives.


Xiaomi is a device manufacturer from China. Xiaomi Company specializes in designing, developing, and selling smartphones, mobile applications and consumer electronics. Xiaomi phone has the lowest price of about $ 150.


Huawei is a Chinese phone manufacturer. Huawei phones are very popular in Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Huawei has a huge number of phones sold to the market. Huawei phones have the lowest price of less than $ 100.


LG is a large Korean corporation. LG manufactures appliances, electronics, and smartphones. LG products are loved by women because they have a compact and luxurious design.


Sony is well known in the world for the quality and durability of its products. Sony manufactures electronic, refrigeration and home appliances. Sony phone products sell very well in the world market. Although there are many big competitors, Sony is still a big phone company in the world.

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