Top 3 most spectacular “makeover” technology products of the era

Top 3 most spectacular "makeover" technology products of the era

In today’s technological age, technology devices have changed completely from the original version.

Now, we have given up plastic, antenna-made mobile phones with sleek iPhones with glass backs; Wired controller instead of wireless virtual reality headset.

Above are 7 technological devices that have been developed since then.

1. Apple iPhone

First introduced in 2007, iPhone revolutionized the way we use technology. The iPhone allows consumers to access a compact device that functions like a computer.

iPhone has improved significantly over the past 12 years, both in style and quality. Apple has announced iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR in 2018. Today’s devices are larger, featuring features that none of us could imagine in 2007.

2. Kindle reading machine

Amazon’s Kindle was released in 2007. It is only in white and has an E-Ink screen that makes reading easy on the eyes. The first Kindle is not a touch screen, only keyboard and manual scroll wheel. This device provides access to 90,000 books at launch and costs only $ 399. The device has been sold out within 5.5 hours.

Today, Amazon’s Kindle costs only 80 USD and has many different designs and sizes. Amazon currently offers three styles: Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis. The current versions come with features like waterproof, Audible built – Amazon and WiFi voice entertainment programming and mobile connectivity.

3. Microsoft gaming machine

Top 3 most spectacular "makeover" technology products of the era

Microsoft jumped into the gaming machine market in 2001 with the Xbox. A year later, Microsoft launched Xbox Live – a device that enables users to play online games with others. After nearly two decades, Microsoft has sold more than 30 million Xbox One units.

Controls are usually equipped with wires and CD drives. However, in the near future, its remote control will have wireless and diskless connectivity – Microsoft is said to be working on a new digital control, which will be available this spring.

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