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Samsung Galaxy Note7

Looking back on the development process of Galaxy Note series (part 2)

Top 10 best Android phone applications 2018

Nova Launcher Nova Launcher is an alternative launcher compatible with Android 4.1 onwards. It is Android’s exclusive application. It allows you to customize the entire operating system interface on your phone to change the font, size, number of applications that can appear on the lock screen, how to roll application drawer .. Nova Launcher makes …

Top 7 largest mobile phone companies in the world

Samsung Samsung is an electronics company from Korea. Currently, Samsung has become the largest manufacturer and seller of phones in the world. Samsung has many beautiful phones. The function of Samsung phones is improved. You can buy Samsung phones for $ 100. Samsung has a large market share in the phone manufacturing market. Apple Apple …

#10yearschallenge Of The Top 3 Phone Companies

#10yearschallenge Of The Top 3 Phone Companies

#10yearschallenge – looking at changes after 10 years is becoming the most prominent Facebook trend in recent days. Looking back on the old moments and unexpected changes of yourself, everyone must feel surprised and excited. However, in addition to reviewing photos of themselves and relatives, let’s look back at the changes of some popular phone …