This year, Samsung also changed its strategy, the company wants Galaxy Note 10 to be larger, to serve more users with entertainment space, working supreme but still have to maintain a set of customers with small hands. . Therefore, the Galaxy Note 10 comes in two different versions, a 6.3-inch screen and a 6.8-inch screen. The difference in technology and features on these two versions is relatively large, but in terms of effectiveness, this gap is not much. Besides, the cost for the more attractive Galaxy Note 10 version, also applies the big promotion programs.

Thus, those who have been and will “love” the Galaxy Note have more options and more users to access this phone line. 2 versions, 2 different selling prices with no big difference are the first conditions for you to consider, depending on the needs to choose instead of just one device as before.

One factor to emphasize, Samsung is making its products more youthful and fashionable, suitable for young people. This 10-year Galaxy Note clearly demonstrates that, a unique generation of Aura colors, most notably the Aura Glow color that gives the rainbow effect. Galaxy Note 10 series will be sold with two main colors: Light Pole, Black Crystal, the basic version will have extra pink Ruby extremely feminine and Galaxy Note 10+ is luxurious white starlight, outstanding.

Samsung is still the brand that makes smartphones with the best screens. Immediately after its launch, the Galaxy Note 10+ has been rated as the world’s most beautiful phone with the ranking of Display Mate – the world’s leading display quality review page.

There is no difference in panels, the ability to display colors between the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+, is probably just the resolution. The smaller version will have Full HD + resolution and the Galaxy Note 10+ is QHD +. For ordinary users, the resolution stopped at Full HD + has been more than enough to experience, while also providing better power saving capabilities.

Both are renowned Infinity-O screens that Samsung released earlier this year. Unlike the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy Note 10 has a camera dot placed in the middle of the edge on the screen, creating a perfect balance. The edges are minimized to create a sense of Galaxy Note 10 with only the screen on the front, unique and useful when opening a full experience space.

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