Samsung confirmed not selling Galaxy Fold

Samsung confirmed not selling Galaxy Fold

With the grove that the Galaxy Fold folding screen is easily damaged, Samsung officially confirmed that this company will not sell Galaxy Fold at the end of this May. We can say, the delay of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is something that both Samsung and users who love this product feel sorry.

Introduced at the same time as Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Fold was highly appreciated by the technology when equipped with a folding screen, for the ability to convert from a smartphone to a tablet. Although sold at a high price up to 2,000 USD, but also does not make users love technology and especially the “money” Samfans to put before the Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s latest announcement is that they will not sell the Galaxy Fold. Users who pre-order will receive an email from Samsung. If you really want to buy and own the Galaxy Fold, then users have to respond to the mail with the content to buy the Galaxy Fold, Samsung continues to deliver the device. If after the email, Samsung does not receive feedback from users, they will cancel the order.

Samsung confirmed not selling Galaxy Fold

Samsung has yet to announce when it will continue to sell its Galaxy Fold, nor does it exclude the Samsung Galaxy Fold project and focus on the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.

In 2016, Samsung used to get into trouble with Galaxy Note 7 when the phone model was constantly on fire. In 2019, Samsung’s first folding screen smartphone had a broken screen error. Perhaps Samsung is trying to run fast to be able to cover both technology and market, but the problems that the company has encountered are not small.

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