Pros and cons of smartphones (part 2)

5. GPS

Your smartphone is likely to act as one GPS device. There are a lot of great navigation apps that will help you find any location easily. Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, you will get the correct directions, so you will not need to go around asking people the way to get somewhere. Some of the apps are also displaying the places that have traffic jams; hence, it can help you stay away from the jam and arrive more quickly.

6. Entertainment

Sometimes, you want to relax and enjoy some pure fun, do not you? Then, you can make use of your smartphone to listen to music, watch funny videos, or play games.

7. Find something to do

Are you in some foreign city? And are you not sure things to do next? If so, a smartphone will be useful. You can connect to a Wifi and find one delightful coffee shop, city attraction, museum, restaurant, etc. Also, you can check the things that the place is providing, the services, the costs, and read the reviews.

The downsides

1. Privacy endangered

What if your smartphone is stolen? The information there will not be private anymore. It is crucial that you locked your device and deactivate it. It is possible to report that the phone is lost to the service provider – that way, it will be disabled. 

2. Distraction

A phone can distract you with ease. It would be best if you were careful as accidents can occur. When you are driving, you should put it away and concentrate. No matter what is on, the phone can wait for you until you are back home. Never risk your life with it. Social etiquette should be another concern. A lot of organizations request limited use of cell phones to ensure work concentration.

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