Apple will sell iPhone 12 is no different from ‘bare machine’


How to effectively use a mini portable air conditioner

Choosing the right location, keeping the exhaust straight, periodic cleaning, etc. are essential to help mobile mini air conditioners operate effectively. Here are some notes that when using this type of conditioner. Like traditional air conditioner, users should choose a portable mini air conditioner suitable for room space. The power unit is calculated in BTU …

iPhone 5G will surprise everyone

Huawei has a P30 Pro, Samsung has a Galaxy S10 5G and next month will be Galaxy Note 10 5G but iFan must wait for Apple’s iPhone 5G next year. In return, the latest report directly from Taiwan’s supply chain shows that upcoming iPhone 2020s will satisfy the fans’ expectations. Apple is alleged to order …

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10 misconceptions about technology (Part 2)

Let the smartphone run out of charge before charging Many phone companies, including Apple, say the battery charge / discharge cycle is 100% full and users can recharge them at any time instead of having to return to 0%. Camera with more ‘dots’ would be better The number of megapixels on the camera has long …

10 misconceptions about technology (Part 1)


Review details of MacBook Pro 15 inch 2019: Is it worth the money?

The 15-inch MacBook Pro with Apple’s new eight-core structure, though not new, is a high-performance machine. Apple has released the new MacBook Pro 2019, which includes two 13-inch and 15-inch options. From the beginning, with this year’s MacBook Pro, Apple claims to be more refined than offering new looks. In addition to some advanced specifications …



Samsung confirmed not selling Galaxy Fold

Samsung confirmed not selling Galaxy Fold

Top 3 most spectacular "makeover" technology products of the era

Top 3 most spectacular “makeover” technology products of the era

In today’s technological age, technology devices have changed completely from the original version. Now, we have given up plastic, antenna-made mobile phones with sleek iPhones with glass backs; Wired controller instead of wireless virtual reality headset. Above are 7 technological devices that have been developed since then. 1. Apple iPhone First introduced in 2007, iPhone …

Looking back on the development process of Galaxy Note series (part 3)

Looking back on the development process of Galaxy Note series (part 3)

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Samsung Galaxy Note8 inherits the infinity screen and removes the Home key button. Before Note7’s somewhat bitter defeat, Samsung not only did not become discouraged, but it also smashed the criticism of public opinion only a few months later with the Galaxy S8 product line which is considered to be the most …