Looking back on the development process of Galaxy Note series (part 3)

Looking back on the development process of Galaxy Note series (part 3)

Samsung Galaxy Note8

Samsung Galaxy Note8 inherits the infinity screen and removes the Home key button. Before Note7’s somewhat bitter defeat, Samsung not only did not become discouraged, but it also smashed the criticism of public opinion only a few months later with the Galaxy S8 product line which is considered to be the most impressive among Samsung smartphones. with ‘infinity’ design.

At the end of 2017, the company continues to unveil Galaxy Note8 with many notable points, typically dual camera cluster with 12 mega-pixel resolution, supports custom font deletion with many levels and 2X optical zoom – helps Note8 “to arrange tabletop “about the ability to take photos for a long time.

The S-Pen stylus on the Galaxy Note8 has also been upgraded to become more useful, able to sense more than 4,000 levels of pressure and translate a piece of text directly by touching the text, or drawing onto the screen to send a Live Message as a GIF image.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

On August 9, 2018, Samsung launched Galaxy Note9 in the context of fierce competition by rivals in the same segment. Not to mention just within the next month, Apple will also launch successive generations for the iPhone X series.

Looking back on the development process of Galaxy Note series (part 3)

Galaxy Note9 is the largest screen version of the Galaxy Note series, equipped with a 6.4-inch screen (larger than the 6.3-inch screen of the Galaxy Note8), with Quad HD + resolution (2960×1440 ).

Noticeable improvements on the Galaxy Note9 camera are the integration of artificial intelligence into the camera, allowing automatic identification of scenes and shooting subjects, thereby optimizing the parameters set on the camera to capture the image with higher quality.

Samsung has also upgraded its S Pen impression on the Galaxy Note9, making it more useful for users. The most impressive improvement on this pen is to support Bluetooth connectivity, to turn the S Pen writer into a remote control for Galaxy Note9, which users can use the S Pen to take pictures and control content when show slides or control music playing on Galaxy Note9.

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