How will AI technology in 2019 be?

How will AI technology in 2019 be?

The year 2019 is expected to welcome more advances in artificial intelligence technology (AI), not just stop at digital assistants in the form of Siri or Alexa but also develop with many other areas.

At least, AI is what technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Alibaba and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) will pay attention to in 2019.

What do Google think of AI?

Specifically, many major firms have made the effort to democratize AI. Irina Kofman, managing director of Google AI, said that AI not only “has the potential to solve a range of old problems” but can also help Google “make new scientific discoveries and identify problems that cannot be identified and resolved before”.

Google sees many of the great benefits that AI can bring to people. The company now strives to help AI reach more people. “We do this in three ways: Developing applications and services becomes more useful to AI, helping businesses and developers innovate tools like the TensorFlow open source learning framework, and working with gender. Research to solve many difficult social challenges such as health, environmental protection, and energy consumption by AI” – said Ms. Kofman.

Director of Google shared that AI can help solve many issues. She pointed out that about 250 million people around the world are affected by floods. Natural disaster forecasts can help people and governments have better preparation for such events. The exact forecast is currently not available.

How will AI technology in 2019 be?

Potential better forecast

To solve this problem, the US technology firm studied better forecasting to issue early flood warnings, starting from the Patna region of the country before expand more countries in the future.

Similar to Google, Microsoft also expects to bring AI closer to everyone. Microsoft ‘s chief technology officer, Richard Koh, shared that they are adding AI layers to the product to make them more effective for users.

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