Features that make Samsung TVs worth billions

Currently, there are very few large size TVs on the market but the price is also very high. The reason is that in order to have a large and high technology platform, firms need to invest a lot in production costs.

Cutting large pieces of glass requires not only specialized manufacturing processes, but also experienced professionals. Just an inch difference also determines its technology level. Currently, in Vietnam, only Samsung 8K TVs have the largest size – 98 inches.

With 33 million pixels seamlessly covering the entire 98-inch screen, the world’s largest QLED TV can fully deliver sharp images and reproduce vibrant, true-to-life colors. The screen brightness is also 4,000 nit, the standard of film studios and supports HDR10 +.

“This is also the reason why users choose the 98-inch size instead of the smaller version to enjoy 8K resolution images in movies or thrilling battles,” a Samsung representative said.

To solve the problem of non-standard presentation content, the Korean technology company equipped with Quantum 8K processor improves the image and sound and supports content upgrade with any quality to display on. TV 8K. Quantum HDR technology for the ability to optimize each display frame creates deep blacks and pure whites.

In addition to the display technology, the Samsung QLED 8K TV also has a luxurious design, Not only is the TV, the 98 inch QLED is also a high-class furniture inside the living space of the homeowner. Background mode Ambient Mode recognizes colors and patterns on the wall, thereby changing the screen to harmonize with the surrounding interior, becoming a mural. Even when turned on or off, the TV still feels in harmony with the room because it eliminates any redundant connections with the hidden One Invisible Connection cable solution.

Another entrepreneur also said the reason for choosing Q900R because of product quality and VIP customer care regime. Customers are provided with a hotline and a specialist to provide technical support, advice and product inquiries within two hours of calling.

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