Facebook and Apple are ‘not in the same world’

Facebook has been openly criticizing many Apple investors and employees recently.

The Facebook CEO is said to be using his relationship and political influence to convince US officials that Apple needs more scrutiny because the iPhone maker owns an operating system that is “a large percentage of the people. US use “.

According to the Telegraph, the relationship between the two leading Silicon Valley technology companies began to show signs of fracture since the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018. In an interview, when asked what to do if it was Mark Zuckerberg Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, responded: “What am I going to do? I won’t let myself be in this situation”, implying that Tim Cook and Apple will never get user information like Facebook did. do.

Zuckerberg was so outraged by Cook’s comments that he asked all of Facebook’s board to switch to Android smartphones.

By 2019, Apple will continue to ban the Facebook Research app for collecting user data. This decision by Apple causes internal Facebook applications, which share the same developer credentials as Facebook Research, to stop working, affecting about 35,000 social media employees because they cannot access internal information. as well as using buses inside the campus.

These are said to be two of many reasons leading to the “war” between the two giants of the technology village. Meanwhile, in theory, these two companies are less likely to become enemies by one vendor selling hardware and associated services, the other relying entirely on revenue from advertising.

During a company-wide meeting in August, Zuckerberg rated Apple’s App Store regulations as monopoly and harmful to consumers. Even the founder of Facebook also said that Apple is “blocking creativity, blocking competition” and using the App Store to “charge exclusive”.

“Apple uses this ‘noose’ as a gatekeeper to control what gets into the phone,” Zuckerberg said in advance of more than 50,000 of his employees in online meetings.

Regulatory clashes on Apple’s App Store with Facebook have spiked recently. In early August, Apple repeatedly dropped the Facebook Gaming platform. After that, Apple and Facebook also disagreed after Apple refused to remove fees for online events features of Facebook Online Events.

After being rejected by Apple, Facebook plans to post a notice in the Online Events feature that “Apple will charge a 30% fee per transaction.” However, Apple blocked the update containing this message, forcing Facebook to remove it if it wanted to update the new app. Apple said this violates the App Store’s regulations that prevent developers from displaying inappropriate information to users.

Besides disagreements about the App Store, Facebook is also unhappy with the changes to iOS 14. Tracking blocking on a new iOS update requires an app to be approved by a new user. track their behavior. According to Facebook, this could reduce advertising revenue by 50% through their Audience Network.

Zuckerberg also criticized Apple’s move in a dispute with Epic Games, saying that Apple’s intention to block the Unreal Engine is “an act of aggression” and “problematic.”

However, there is a deeper reason why the two companies are the enemies they are today. From the very beginning of Facebook, Zuckerberg was fascinated by the idea of ​​building a “social operating system”. The Facebook CEO hopes his company can repeat the same period of world domination that Microsoft achieved through Windows.

To realize its ambition to control both hardware and software like Apple, Facebook is looking for solutions to use virtual reality and augmented reality to replace smartphones in the future.

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