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Pros and cons of smartphones (part 2)

5. GPS Your smartphone is likely to act as one GPS device. There are a lot of great navigation apps that will help you find any location easily. Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, you will get the correct directions, so you will not need to go around asking people the way to …

Pros and cons of smartphones (part 1)

Smartphones come into your daily life owing to the multiple uses. You check your phones daily. It is something that you cannot live without today. It makes tasks more uncomplicated, and you use it for everything. For example, it can work as one calendar, alarm, boredom reliever, and GPS tracker. They have both upsides and …

Samsung Phone With 5D Technology, And The Advantages Of 5G

5G revolution is spreading out. Many people now pay special attention to it. Hence, if you are curious about 5G and Samsung 5G, this article will be your answer. What is 5G? 5G is the latest generation of wireless connectivity which helps to improve ultimately in speed and security. On the market nowadays, just a …


iPhone 5G will surprise everyone

Huawei has a P30 Pro, Samsung has a Galaxy S10 5G and next month will be Galaxy Note 10 5G but iFan must wait for Apple’s iPhone 5G next year. In return, the latest report directly from Taiwan’s supply chain shows that upcoming iPhone 2020s will satisfy the fans’ expectations. Apple is alleged to order …

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10 misconceptions about technology (Part 2)

Let the smartphone run out of charge before charging Many phone companies, including Apple, say the battery charge / discharge cycle is 100% full and users can recharge them at any time instead of having to return to 0%. Camera with more ‘dots’ would be better The number of megapixels on the camera has long …



Samsung confirmed not selling Galaxy Fold

Samsung confirmed not selling Galaxy Fold

Looking back on the development process of Galaxy Note series (part 3)

Looking back on the development process of Galaxy Note series (part 3)

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Samsung Galaxy Note8 inherits the infinity screen and removes the Home key button. Before Note7’s somewhat bitter defeat, Samsung not only did not become discouraged, but it also smashed the criticism of public opinion only a few months later with the Galaxy S8 product line which is considered to be the most …

Samsung Galaxy Note7

Looking back on the development process of Galaxy Note series (part 2)