Apps about tech news for Android (part 2)

Keeping yourself updated about the current happenings across the world is essential for a geek. So, we are going to take a quick look at some of the most popular apps about tech news. You can get them from the handy Google Play Store, so installing them on your phone cannot be more comfortable.


Are you a geek, like us, who like reading through the most current tech updates as well as gadgets reviews? If you are, you must hear about CNET. This tech news online source is one of the most favorites; it will keep you up to date daily. It covers the current tech news, useful gadget reviews, to name a few.

You can get the Android app of CNET via Google Play.

5- TechCrunch

It is the most prominent spot for stories in terms of tech startups. It covers up-to-date startup news other than the technology world. Here, you can get the latest information regarding the quickly growing startups from the tech world.

You can get the Android app of TechCrunch via Google Play.

6- Beebom

This app has various features as well – for example, the updated news, gadget news as well as tech stories from all over the world. Beeborn is quite significant to have on the phone of the geek. The app’s video section is pretty engaging with many informational stories from the experienced team. It is based in India – this app provides an extensive series of content concerning the country as well.

Again, you can get the Android app of Beebom via Google Play.

Overall, these were some of the best tech news apps which you can have on the phone. Install your most favorite and dive into it daily to enrich your information and knowledge. You deserve the best, and they are the best!

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