Apps about tech news for Android (part 1)

There are many applications installed on the phone of a technology geek. These useful apps can add value to the daily life of a geek. They should keep her/ him most currently with the most updated happenings, to name a few. The most important things of all are those with the most current tech news.

Keeping yourself informed about the up-to-date tech happenings around the world is crucial for a geek. That is why we will have a quick look at the most popular tech news apps which are readily available from the Google Play Store for you to install them on your phone with ease.

1. Flipboard

It is considered one of the best News apps via Google Play. It comes with interest-based notifications, stories. With it, you can also share content on the profile as well as following others, to name a few. Aside from them, even if you aren’t a geek, then you will still have a techgasm from the flipping animation while you are using Flipboard. 

2. TechEngage

It features an intuitive UI and has many other features such as dark mode. It is possible for you to like stories as well as sharing them with your friends through social media apps. Plus, when you sign in to it, you will be able to keep your likes aside from getting personalized content. 

The app works to cover the updated tech news, how-to guides, gadget reviews, science-related stories, etc. 

3. Microsoft News

It is another excellent app for keeping on your phone. Do you want to obtain the latest news not just from the world of technology but also from politics as well as other interests? Then, this app is for you. Once you install it, it will ask the interests of yours, and then you can read interest-based stories.

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