#10yearschallenge Of The Top 3 Phone Companies

#10yearschallenge Of The Top 3 Phone Companies

#10yearschallenge – looking at changes after 10 years is becoming the most prominent Facebook trend in recent days. Looking back on the old moments and unexpected changes of yourself, everyone must feel surprised and excited. However, in addition to reviewing photos of themselves and relatives, let’s look back at the changes of some popular phone brands after 10 years!


In 2009, Apple introduced the cult iPhone 3Gs that made the tech industry buzz for a long time. The 3.5-inch screen of 3Gs is considered “huge” at the time. However, it is still small in comparison to the current iPhone Xs Max.


The Galaxy i7500 was the smartphone that launched Samsung Galaxy’s product line. It was equipped with a 3.5-inch AMOLED screen. In addition, Galaxy i7500 was also equipped with a 5MP camera and was the first device of Samsung running Android operating system. After 10 years, Samsung Galaxy’s product line has affirmed its position in the market and gained many successes. And now, the Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s most prominent smartphone when equipped with a series of high-end technology.

#10yearschallenge Of The Top 3 Phone Companies


10 years ago, Sony Ericsson had not yet entered the Android smartphone market but used its own operating systems such as Windows Mobile and Symbian S60. Among their products, the highlight is the Xperia X2 running on Windows Mobile operating system with 3.2-inch screen. This phone had a sliding QWERTY keyboard and the best camera among devices running Windows Mobile. After 10 years, Sony’s Xperia product line has changed a lot. It has created a certain position in the phone market with many breakthrough technologies. Currently, the Xperia XZ3 is Sony’s highest-end product before it introduces the upcoming Xperia XZ4 at MWC 2019.

That #10yearschallenge of the phone brands. Let’s wait to see how they are going to be in their next #10yearschallenge!

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