10 misconceptions about technology (Part 2)

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Let the smartphone run out of charge before charging

Many phone companies, including Apple, say the battery charge / discharge cycle is 100% full and users can recharge them at any time instead of having to return to 0%.

Camera with more ‘dots’ would be better

The number of megapixels on the camera has long been the basis for users to assess the smartphone’s imaging capabilities. This is true, but only partly because to produce a good image, the camera needs another factor such as the size of the pixel (the larger the size, the higher the absorption of light) or the aperture (aperture ).

The higher the resolution screen, the more beautiful the image is

Similar to cameras, resolution is just one of the factors that determine the visibility of the screen. Apart from it, the screen also depends on the type of panel (OLED display is better than LCD) or integrated technology. For example, Apple with True Tone helps automatically adjust white balance based on the surroundings, thereby bringing a better image.

Do not use iPad charger for iPhone

Due to the greater capacity, the iPad charger is not recommended for iPhone charging to prevent battery swell, causing battery damage. However, Steve Sandler, founder and technical director of electronic analysis company AEi Systems, said that problem could happen, but for a long time. “If you charge it with an iPhone charger for an iPhone for about a year, you hardly notice any changes to the battery,” Sandler said.

Placing magnets near the computer causes data to be erased

Technically, this information is not wrong. However, users need to have a large size magnet, strong suction force to erase the hard drive data. It also only affects the old HDD, not affecting the new SSD.

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