Nokia is about to launch “the most awaited phone”

Nokia is about to launch “the most awaited phone”

Nokia is expected to launch the most advanced smartphone with camera upgrades, robust design, and configuration.

New release

Recently, Nokia has announced on Twitter that it will release a device that is said to be the “most awaited phone”. The company did not give a specific name for this product, but it is most likely the Nokia 9 – the most advanced smartphone of the company this year.

Previously leaked information shows that the Nokia 9 will use a 6.01-inch OLED screen, an 18:9 ratio, and a ceramic back. Other specifications include Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB internal memory, 3,900 mAh battery with wireless charging, and 2 sim support.

Nokia has also posted a photo on Twitter about the smartphone it is about to debut. In addition, it the phone is also expected to become Nokia’s first smartphone equipped with fingerprint sensors on the screen.

Highly enhanced cameras

According to SuomiMobili, the device will use 3-camera cluster in turn with 41 MP, 20 MP and 9.7 MP resolution. The camera uses the Zeiss lens and supports 4x optical zoom. The 21 MP front-facing camera is also equipped with a Zeiss lens. With this change, the quality of photos taken in low light conditions will improve.

Nokia is about to launch “the most awaited phone”

In addition, Nokia 9 also supports professional manual adjustment with Pro Camera mode. Besides, Bothie feature allows you to take photos and videos simultaneously with both front and rear cameras at the same time.

The phone will cost about 1,000 USD, which is direct competition with rivals such as iPhone X 2018 or Samsung Galaxy Note9. The device will be officially introduced on August 21.

In addition, Nokia 9 has also suddenly appeared on a Finnish technology blog site with 3 unique camera groups.

Top 10 best Android phone applications 2018

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is an alternative launcher compatible with Android 4.1 onwards. It is Android’s exclusive application. It allows you to customize the entire operating system interface on your phone to change the font, size, number of applications that can appear on the lock screen, how to roll application drawer .. Nova Launcher makes it possible for Android phone users to customize their phones in a variety of ways. This is something that iOS device users can’t get.

Not only is the best application on Android, Nova Launcher is also the oldest and most popular launcher in the Android user community.


Morecast is rated as the best weather app. Morecast is currently loved and has millions of downloads because it has a nice interface, with a clear and reasonable layout. It is the most advanced weather application when updating real-time parameters very accurately. In addition Morecast can compare the weather between two cities, and accurate weather information for a route or a specific itinerary.

BestMe Selfie Camera

This unique app supports most current selfie sticks. It allows users to take pictures with 125 filters in real time. In addition, it also integrates many modern functions like: insert emoticons, funny stickers and various effects. BestMe Selfie Camera is being appreciated by the Android user community.

7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout is a great choice for those who care much about health and exercise. It’s like a secretary who keeps track of your health and exercise status every day. The application has many exercises to support weight loss and improve cardiovascular function. 7 Minute Workout app completely free.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has a lot of online courses with extremely diverse topics: Mathematics, Physics, Programming, Business, Psychology … Khan Academy also has rare topics such as: History, Art Art, Love, Sex … Khan Academy is an indispensable application in your phone.

Top 7 largest mobile phone companies in the world


Samsung is an electronics company from Korea. Currently, Samsung has become the largest manufacturer and seller of phones in the world. Samsung has many beautiful phones. The function of Samsung phones is improved. You can buy Samsung phones for $ 100. Samsung has a large market share in the phone manufacturing market.


Apple is a phone company from the United States. iPhone phones using the iOS operating system. iPhone has all the features of a smartphone. In the first quarter of 2015, Apple sold 60.1 million units, accounting for 17.9% of the market share. The price of iPhone phones is quite expensive. When launched, the phone models cost more than $ 500.


Oppo is a Chinese electronics company. Established in 2004, Oppo produces MP3 players, LCD TVs, smartphones. The price of Oppo phones is equivalent to the price of Samsung phones. Because the oppo phone has a clear picture feature, it is loved by women. Besides, buyers also enjoy many manufacturers’ incentives.


Xiaomi is a device manufacturer from China. Xiaomi Company specializes in designing, developing, and selling smartphones, mobile applications and consumer electronics. Xiaomi phone has the lowest price of about $ 150.


Huawei is a Chinese phone manufacturer. Huawei phones are very popular in Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Huawei has a huge number of phones sold to the market. Huawei phones have the lowest price of less than $ 100.


LG is a large Korean corporation. LG manufactures appliances, electronics, and smartphones. LG products are loved by women because they have a compact and luxurious design.


Sony is well known in the world for the quality and durability of its products. Sony manufactures electronic, refrigeration and home appliances. Sony phone products sell very well in the world market. Although there are many big competitors, Sony is still a big phone company in the world.

New rival of robot Sophia: Erica from Japan

New rival of robot Sophia: Erica from Japan

With the most advanced artificially designed voice system, this Japanese robot will soon become a television news broadcast.

A new potential robot

Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen, recently appeared in a fashion magazine and was constantly welcomed by the media. However, Sophia’s unique position is shaken with the appearance of Erica, a robot from Japan with a very good voice. With the most advanced artificially designed voice system, this Japanese robot will soon become a television news reporter.

About Erica

Having an appearance comparable to a 23-year-old girl, Erica was very dominated at first sight and made many people confused about whether she was a robot or not.

New rival of robot Sophia: Erica from Japan

According to Daily Mail, “Unlike Sophia, Erica cannot move her arms but can easily interact with others. She also uses her artificial intelligence to read human-generated news. The robot can even listen and determine where the sounds come from. When being asked questions, it will also identify and provide answers. Besides, Erica has the ability to identify faces and a variety of sensors.

The scientist working on Erica, Hiroshi Ishiguro, said: “I think Erica is a” soulful” robot and even has a sense of independence in the future. Unlike previous robots, Erica actively seeks interaction with humans. The robot is always eager to learn the world around and actively interact with anyone who comes near. Erica claims she is 23 years old, dreams of traveling the world and enjoys watching movies. While communicating, Erica even knew how to joke and tell funny stories.

Robot development

Contrary to the enthusiasm of scientists, the majority of people continue to be concerned with the rise of robots and machines. They are gradually replacing humans in different areas thanks to the automation technology and artificial human intelligence.

If the robot can conduct sophisticated surgeries, provide food and perform heavy tasks, then job loss will increase sooner or later.

#10yearschallenge Of The Top 3 Phone Companies

#10yearschallenge Of The Top 3 Phone Companies

#10yearschallenge – looking at changes after 10 years is becoming the most prominent Facebook trend in recent days. Looking back on the old moments and unexpected changes of yourself, everyone must feel surprised and excited. However, in addition to reviewing photos of themselves and relatives, let’s look back at the changes of some popular phone brands after 10 years!


In 2009, Apple introduced the cult iPhone 3Gs that made the tech industry buzz for a long time. The 3.5-inch screen of 3Gs is considered “huge” at the time. However, it is still small in comparison to the current iPhone Xs Max.


The Galaxy i7500 was the smartphone that launched Samsung Galaxy’s product line. It was equipped with a 3.5-inch AMOLED screen. In addition, Galaxy i7500 was also equipped with a 5MP camera and was the first device of Samsung running Android operating system. After 10 years, Samsung Galaxy’s product line has affirmed its position in the market and gained many successes. And now, the Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s most prominent smartphone when equipped with a series of high-end technology.

#10yearschallenge Of The Top 3 Phone Companies


10 years ago, Sony Ericsson had not yet entered the Android smartphone market but used its own operating systems such as Windows Mobile and Symbian S60. Among their products, the highlight is the Xperia X2 running on Windows Mobile operating system with 3.2-inch screen. This phone had a sliding QWERTY keyboard and the best camera among devices running Windows Mobile. After 10 years, Sony’s Xperia product line has changed a lot. It has created a certain position in the phone market with many breakthrough technologies. Currently, the Xperia XZ3 is Sony’s highest-end product before it introduces the upcoming Xperia XZ4 at MWC 2019.

That #10yearschallenge of the phone brands. Let’s wait to see how they are going to be in their next #10yearschallenge!